1976 S Eisenhower Proof Type-1 Dollar Choice Uncirculated $1 PR-68 US Mint


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Outstanding coin, deep strike with a mirror-like finish. Issued in conjunction with the Bicentennial coinage from 1976. Dollar carries 2 dates, 1776-1976. Only coin produced by mint which carried the next year’s date. These coins were produced in 1975 but carry the 1976 date. The Bicentennial Commission at that time determined that the run-up to the Bicentennial would be so great that the US Mint would not have ample time to produce coins for the Bicentennial so the Eisenhower Dollar, the Kennedy Half and the Washington quarter minted in 1975 all were to carry the dual date 1776-1976 date. The Type 1 Ike dollars here have been hand picked for quality and eye appeal.


  • Eisenhowers were the first dollar coins issued by the Mint since the Peace dollar series ended in 1935.
  • Obverse: Profile of President Eisenhower with “Liberty” above his head and “In God We Trust” and the bicentennial date 1776-1976 below.
  • The Apollo 11 mission insignia served as the basis of the Eisenhower dollar’s reverse!
  • The destinction between Type 1 and Type 2 Dollars can be found on the reverse. Type 1 dollars have more prominent or thicker lettering.


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